SheebaLike many of us in this world, I believe in ‘more’, for the first 35 years of my life, it was never too clear to me HOW to realize ‘more’.  Everyone seemed to know ‘better’ than me, and told me I had to do it a certain way.  Their suggestions usually felt so out of my reach, or required capital, and contacts that I didn’t have.

Learned that there is more than one way to reach a goal, and when our strategy’s are built around WHO we really are, and the visions’ for ‘more’ WE have, amazing results are possible!

Who doesn’t have a vision to be better, to be ‘more’, or have ‘more’; or to make this world a better place??

For the past 13 years my focus has been working with Leaders as an Executive Life Coach, globally.  www.forwardfocus.ca
I am professionally certified, come from a background in corporate sales, and was a Trainer for Dale Carnegie ™ Training, and Sandler Sales Training.  I was nominated as a Top 40 Under 40 In Canada for my business success and impact, and have been profiled by national and regional media.  As a cause driven, results focused artist, and entrepreneur was on the cover of a business magazine for my involvement on the Prime Minister of Canada’s Task Force on Women Entrepreneurs.

I have a media, content Creation Company, www.morefocus.tv with my first Best-Selling book, and my own web-based TV show.  Had a radio show:  Sheeba’ Corner, on mix 97, and the focus was on relationships.  Personal mastery is something that affects every area of our life: relationships, success, and self satisfaction.  Currently as I continue to work with clients, and speak publicly, am developing an App focused on Personal Mastery. My focus for all these years is and always has been about personal mastery to realize greater results in life.  The formula I developed and use with my clients, kids, and self is:

Self Awareness + Focus and Strategy = Desired Results

The Five time Juno Award Winning International group, Blue Rodeo, has written a song about me, based on a chance meeting:

In a world that is more actively than ever looking for more personal meaning, being a  single mom to my two amazing kids is the biggest source of meaning for me.  Still for me, just as for you: “there’s more.”
‘Sheeba’ is the meaningful brand for those brands who are serious about offering a unique value proposition of meaning to their individual or segmented consumers, at the individual, or community level.

She Inspires and Motivates.   

She coaches and leads teams, groups and individual leaders.

Her UVP is proprietary scientifically validated psychometric technology to inform her personally developed formula:

Self Awareness + Focus and Strategy = Desired Results

Sheeba Varghese