An Introduction To Success

How can you be successful if you’re driving asleep at the wheel of your life?

How to WIN ON YOUR TERMS: If you want more success in your life, this blog will tell you how to have it.

Do you ever feel like an observer to your own life?

Is it because you feel helpless? Or is it because you have done everything you know how to do?

Being an observer of your own life is very different than being asleep at the wheel of your life. When we are observing it may be to increase our understanding, it may be to increase our options, or even to see how the strategies we choose play out. When we are asleep at the wheel, life happens to us and we react. In the past, when regularly I did not know what to do, made quick decisions and was impulsive. One of the reasons I decided to become an Executive Coach is that ‘it’ finally all came together for me and I was able to see that when stimulated or inspired, focus and passion are present and it is easier to realize success. I tested my theories and my hypothesis by starting a Coaching Firm, and a media company, and have since then, put together this formula:

Self Awareness + Focus + Strategy = Success.

This formula has been useful for my clients and is to highlight that no plans for success can be complete unless we have also accounted for our own wants/needs, feelings and thoughts.

So many of us are held hostage by choices we made when we knew ourselves to be different people.

This site and blog are focused on self awareness to realize greater success in life. Everything we experience in our life is an extension of our self awareness or lack thereof. For the past nine years the focus of my work has been with CEO’s and Senior Executives all across North America. Almost every client with whom I have worked is surprised when they get to focus on who they are. ‘They’ know who they are already and yet their own personal feelings are not reflected in much of how they exist. Does that happen to you sometimes, do you find yourself surprised at the life you are living considering who you really are? Life gets busy and so it happens, we have jobs, our routines, our friends, and all these things limit the time we have left over for ourselves.

Success and Self Awareness belong together. Therefore, we MUST begin with remembering what really matters to us, and how we can bring more of it, into our lives: Self Awareness. Self Understanding and Awareness are necessary in every part of life, IF we want to die feeling and knowing that we have truly lived. The coaching model we use in my firm requires that our clients focus more on their lives. In my nine month contracts, the first five months are focused on who the client is: what matters to them more than what they are living, their feelings, thoughts, who they are, what they want more of in their lives, their blind spots, values and what else they still want to realize in their lives.

When we choose to just accept what life gives us, and do not seek to grow, learn and have more, than we are just existing and going through the motions of living. Notice that we usually do this when we do not know how to live differently. It must be about ‘knowing’, otherwise, that would suggest that there are those who consciously choose to stagnate, and who wants to do that?
Sometimes we forget that we are all ‘allowed’ to handle our lives however we choose. We may forget our strength and tell ourselves that we cannot afford to get it wrong. We only get ‘one kick at the can’, of this life and so it boils down to wanting to ‘exist’ or daring to live. Even so, it is not an ‘easy’ choice to make because most of us grew up with parents who never did anything about the things that were amiss in their lives and they still had ‘good enough’ lives. That is the dividing line. We are either amongst that group who cannot help but want it all or amongst the group that embraces the middle class mindset, “if it’s good, just leave it.” If you knowingly choose the latter mindset, guess what…?


But you’re waking up; you like the idea of winning on your own terms and are ready to take back control.

Wanting to focus time to consider who you are, and on whom God has designed you to be, is all it takes to begin increasing your self-understanding and awareness. There are blogs, and books to tell you the steps to take if you want to realize greater success in your life, and you may want to follow one of these strategies. They are clearly laid out and you just have to go through the motions and you will realize some success for it. This site is going to be for those who are ready for the adventure associated with doing some heavy mental lifting, in order to realize maximum success, joy and fulfillment. We must begin with focusing you on yourself. Awareness leads to Choice. Remember that in every minute of everyday you are in choice and get to choose, IN AWARENESS which option best meets your needs. You will be able to Trust that you made the best decision for you, because you made your choice knowing what most matters to you. Do you see why it is necessary to begin with self for maximum success? Take the time to learn more about who you are, not by rehashing your past, rather by looking forward, focusing there and living now: what new choices do you want to be making?

In these blogs I am going to explore the situations and challenges that my clients share with me and in everything I share, the objective will always be to increase your awareness of the power available within you. There is a process to success and winning on our own terms, and it begins with increasing our awareness so we can make better choices for a better life.
Let me know your thoughts, the areas you want me to focus this blog on and together, we will realize even more success!

This is the forum for like minded thinkers committed to progress, wealth, success and fulfillment. Come one, come all.
Our tagline: Because there’s more.
Our mandate: We Believe What We Believe
Therefore, my sign off will always be to remind you that:
In all that you do, do it for Truth.

Sheeba V

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