Morefocus Interviews

Self Awareness + Focus + Strategy = Success Follow along with us at and hear success stories of the Captains of Industry, Order of Canada recipients, and/or Canadian Icons. As these people are showcased, listen for the role Self Awareness played. Then ask yourself, where More Focus, could bring you greater success?

    Success The Journey     Success is a journey.  It begins with who we are.  All of our success extends from who we’ve been designed to be.  Personal Mastery matters, and the success behind any business realizes is directly related to how well we leverage our strengths, blind spots, and values.

Sheeba’s Secret

Sheeba's Secret

Her successful career revolved around helping CEO’s and Executives  become more successful.  The book is for anyone who wants more happiness in their life, anyone who’s not satisfied with the life they’ve currently got, or the level of success they’ve been able to generate for themselves.