More Frustration, here we go again….

Of course I haven’t helped my own cause because I am always full of good ideas, and vision. People fear those who are always full of ideas, even if they are good ideas, and especially if they have follow through, conviction.

Wonder why that is?

Sometimes, it seems that most people have just given up in believing that anything is possible. Other times, notice how the ‘system’ seems to beat people who dare to speak their ideas aloud, or think big, down. Of course there are those who are just afraid to believe in what they cannot see around them.

Whatever the reason, it is frustrating, demotivating and discouraging.

I have an abundance of energy, and am pretty good at understanding why people advise as they do, and that definitely helps me not say “screw them”, and walk away, since that would only limit me.

It is so abundantly obvious to me now that the clearer we are on our vision; what it is we are trying to achieve, the easier it is to incorporate the sometimes limited vision of those around us. By incorporating their ideas, I don’t mean doing as they say, rather understanding what they see as the issue. For example, in my immediate project was advised that the path I was planning on pursuing was ABSOLUTELY wrong.   Was surprised and disappointed, and then considered if the advice made sense…so I sought input from another source.

Turns out my intuition was right, and by incorporating what my advisor had stated, without aborting what I felt sure about it seems that my visions and strategy were reinforced.  Though I had to prove my point, the process helped me feel more fortified, and confident.

Take Aways for all of us: