How to WIN ON YOUR TERMS: If you want more success in your life, this blog will tell you how to have it.




Aren’t you tired of playing it safe? Don’t you sometimes wonder what if…?

Realistically, if you want to live your life without having to exert too much effort, chances are you will never really go far in life, and that may be okay for you. The world we live in is so exciting and full of possibilities; it is unfortunate that many do not want to know all that is possible for them.

Do you want more for your life?

Please be clear this is not to promote, suggest or encourage recklessness or thoughtlessness in pursuit of your ‘more’. The question is not whether or not to cross the highways of our lives; it is about, knowing what you are willing to truly exert yourself for because success does require effort. Are you willing to take such risks for greater fulfillment, joy, and success, on your terms (Plan A)? Or, do you stick with the day job, because it pays the bills (Plan B)? Both Plan A and Plan B have their risks. Mostly though, Plan B whatever it is, in whatever area of your life, gets in the way of Plan A. Plan B offers short term solace, and practicality, which others respect. Plan A, is risky because there is no manual to follow or count on and you may only get partially to your objectives.

It is in these moments of choice where either the fear will overtake us, or we will stay focused on how big our return on investment will be. The ROI may not be monetary, but maybe. The ROI may be in how you feel about what you are doing. Not every project or prospect will materialize into something, and even the ones that do materialize into something, may not materialize into what you wanted. You may get rejected, people may not like you or you may have to do ‘it’ with nothing more than your conviction.

Know and try to fortify yourself for what each choice could send you from the left or the right, as you cross the highways of your life. Rather than focusing on the challenges associated with anything, consider nurturing your sense of spirit to shield you. Many choose to NOT cross the highways of life so as to avoid the grind or risk associated with making effort to win. Instead, many play it safe. An example of playing it safe professionally could be those in selling professions who do not ask for the order, and just hope that they get the sale. There is safety in this approach because we can’t be denied if we never ask. We can’t win either, unless we try. We may stay safe, but kid yourself not, you are also weakened. To win on your terms, you can’t keep accepting weakness.

You didn’t learn to safely cross the street by avoiding it. You learned by properly preparing and paying attention. You observed the speed of the oncoming vehicles and their distance from you, and took into consideration your degree of fleet footedness, and made an educated decision about your appropriate course of action. Sometimes you casually strolled across the street; other times you made a mad dash. And sometimes, you decided it was prudent not to step off the curb until the vehicles had passed. By understanding how traffic patterns on the highway go, you developed the ability to safely cross the street.

Living successful lives isn’t any different. If you properly prepare and pay attention, you can minimize your learning curve and potential for rejection, and by doing so, overcome your fear.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do your homework. Know what you want. Do the research, and be prepared.
  • Be protective of your energy and time. Aim for productive conversations, situations, and meetings.
  • Make a commitment to yourself. Set standards, benchmarks, objectives and find at least one strong energy giver. Until they are in place, keep coming back to and we will encourage you. Be clear on what you are doing and why.

You’ve made the decision to succeed and win on your terms, and therefore, it will not all be linear, easy or clear and you may even get rejected. However, the more you can be prepared and focused, the more you will minimize your fear of rejection and consider a new perspective:



Remember, in all that you do, do it for Truth.

Sheeba Varghese,