Ron Foxcroft

Canada needs more Sheeba Vargheses to continue our march on the Global business stage and we should glorify and recognize them Sheeba Varghese stood out in a crowd at a Chamber of Commerce meeting I was addressing on what it takes t o build a large successful corporation. Leadership, vision and determination are what I […]

Donald Ziraldo,LLD

Sheeba has it in spades! I had the pleasure of meeting Sheeba Varghese in her role as a volunteer fund raiser for the Peoples Players Theatre and was struck by her enthusiasm. During follow up business discussions it became clear to me her business acumen was focused, enthusiastic and profound. As a businessman I deal […]

Stanley H. Hartt, O.C., Q.C.

She is an inspiration Sheeba Varghese is a true believer in “more”; she refuses to accept that we are limited by our past, our circumstances, our “is” and insists that all of her clients, friends, social contacts remain open to consider the possibilities of life. In this, she is an inspiration as much as she […]

Steven Williams

My coach is the reason why I am doing what i’m doing now.  Guest speaking at the Toronto Board of Trade, Dec. 6, 2012.