The New World Order

Meaningful Brands

Because there’s more…

For the first time in history, there is a shift in the human collective and self-development is a priority.  The New World Order

The brands that step up to help us as find the answers are the brands that will be supported.

Brands have a very real opportunity to respond by offering individual consumers, and segmented consumer groups, tools, a

path, and a process to support them in their self-development, toward Personal Mastery.

If as a Brand you want to:

  • Connect more personally with your consumers; let Sheeba employ powerful, inspiring, and innovative initiatives, at the micro-level, on your behalf.
  • Offer your consumers an opportunity to improve their own well being; let Sheeba introduce them to the same formula she has been using for over 12 years, on your behalf.
  • Enhance your consumer’s life with personal tools not available to the consumer market, and targeted at expanding their own sense of personal mastery; let Sheeba introduce them to their own potential, via technology, on your behalf.

Reach out to Sheeba.

For well over a decade, she has been a successful life coach, a best selling author, TV and radio personality, and single mom.

Her career has been focused on serving those who want to realize ‘more’ in their lives.

Let her tell you how she can help your Brand, in specific ways, with tangible outcomes for your consumer’s, at the micro level.

In the “Human Age” post Industrial Age, the questions that we consumers have are:  ”Where do we begin”?  “How do we make that shift and focus possible?”  “How can we know the truth of our potential?”  “Unless we know the truth of our potential, how can we leverage the best within ourselves?”.

Learn more about Sheeba’s Unique Value Proposition for your consumers.