It’s All About the Vision

It’s all about Vision!

Clients have stated to me that they don’t have a Vision for their lives. Who hasn’t felt visionless in their life?  It isn’t a fun feeling.

Thankfully it’s not usually true though, and it is almost like we were born with our visions.  Connecting with our vision can be a fatiguing process, even though the effort required to realize them can be quite be energizing.

My problem was that I would dismiss my feelings because they didn’t satisfy my intellect or logic, or because I didn’t understand them.  The visions seemed too impossible for just an average person with no real contacts or means.  When I decided to start to pay more attention to how I was feeling, how things made me feel and took my cues for action from them, it was fascinating to see how much more satisfied I felt.  First tangible benefit.  When we feel better about ourselves, we achieve better more rewarding, fulfilling results.  Second tangible benefit.

It certainly isn’t logical, seems way too audacious to think that our visions are pictures of what is actually possible. It is not unusual for me to hear my best advisors caution me about my strategy, or of being unrealistic.  It slows me down for sure!  It gives me cause to second guess myself, which isn’t always a bad thing, and it makes me self doubt, which is always a bad thing.

I learned in my training, and life that to find, understand and trust our visions we have to understand ourselves. The easiest way to begin understanding ourselves is to trust our feelings. We always know how we feel. Some of us may choose to act on our feelings, some of us may not know that we can trust what we are feeling enough to act on it, and others may reject the feeling because it isn’t logical, or practical enough for the intellect to accept.

When I listened to all the ‘right’ things that were said by all the ‘right’ people – regardless of what I thought or felt about their advice, and because my intellect supported their logic; I lost my way.

When I finally decided to seek personal mastery, I was choosing to listen to my feelings, trust my visions, and lead with courage.

I respect you Millennials for having the courage to trust your feelings and seek purpose, and purposeful work. You already know first hand that it is not a path for the faint of heart, and still one we can all chose because it is our destiny to be better tomorrow than we are today.

With personal mastery, a vision, and a strategy that is OYT (on your terms), you will prove to be the most powerful generation the world has known, and along the way make the world a better place!!

Find your Vision because with that you can move forward confidently OYT.